Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

The best way to have great sex

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Everyone wants to have better sex, but few of us know how to obtain it. Many pursue spiritual outlets like tantric sex hoping that learning the finer points of the karma Sutra will make them better lovers. Others will try a sexual enhancement product or ask about bettersex options from doctors or friends in the know.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with any of these things. The best way to have great sex on adultfriendrfinder is to know what your partner likes and what women like in general. If both partners are willing to explore paths towards a better sex life, then they are more apt to find sex fulfilling. Darwin’s sexual selection theory explains how we have a general set of arousal triggers. But modern understanding also tells us that due to socialisation we also have individual arousal triggers. As a man you must understand what her individual arousal triggers are plus the general arousal triggers of women.

The actual sex act is a feedback loop of sensations and arousal. The more we turn on our mate the more aroused we become. This makes us wish to please our lover even more. This dynamic can stimulate an amazing psychosexual response, making for a more intense female orgasm, which in turn, increases pleasure for a male. Yes, the keys to a better sex life are most often handed over to you , not obtained by magic. It comes with a combination of knowledge, technique, skill and the desire to please.

Indeed, a man who just “gets his” can have good sex, but a man who knows how to please his partner with thrusting vibrator can have earth shattering, write home to the navy buddies sex all the time!

If you want to know what rocks her boat people often say “just ask”. Some women can be forthcoming and others may not. This all depends on you, your approach, the woman and the situation. In Volume 2 of our home study course : Relationship management and in our workshops we have set out a complete structure for how you can understand the sexual needs of your partner. Plus covering how to get around barriers to communications and what she may not want to do sexually. We call these skills meta calibration and exploring the matrix of the mind. We don’t just say “Communicate”. No! We give a complete structure of how to communicate in the most effective way, how to get passed barriers, how to get the sort of sex you both desire and how to have better sex. All of our information is based of 12 years of sex research.

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